Sauna – from concept to reality. Architect office Studio Puisto’s five steps to create a unique sauna experience

Due to our hospitality architecture expertise, we’ve had a privilege to design beautiful saunas (such as Saunaravintola Kiulu, Tullin Sauna and Pyhäniemi forest spa) naturally here in Finland but also all over the world (in Montana (US), Greece and Cyprus). In our process these five steps have helped us and our clients to achieve the quality and uniqueness they’re aiming for.

  1. Concept & masterplan

In this phase all big choices are made. We need to ask ourselves, what kind of business are we building?

Way too often, one is too eager to skip, in our opinion, the most important part of the design: the actual concept. What kind of sauna are we designing? For whom and why? How does the sauna fit into its environment? In many cases a sauna is a small but important part of a bigger building or area. Therefore, it is crucial to think about its effect on the environment, nearby areas and other spaces.

  1. Building design & permit

In the Building design & permit phase we combine experientiality and sustainability with a reasonable budget and come up with an implementable plan that will serve the client for years to come.

Once the concept and masterplan are clarified it’s time to start the actual building design. Our aim is to design beautiful saunas using sustainable building materials and creating long lasting experiences.

  1. Interior design

The interior design creates the overall mood for the experience.

In our approach we’re often imaging the end user’s journey from the arrival to the smallest details of the interior to create a holistic experience. In interior design we’re focusing on timeless design, sustainable materials and wellbeing.

  1. Construction phase & implementation documents

In this phase the final choices for the execution are made, flexibly with the needs of each case.

Different problems occur in every worksite. Precise implementation documents, and close collaboration and communication with the construction workers and architects is vital for the project to succeed. We’re regularly in touch with the customer and worksite in every project.

  1. Sweat equity

We’re determined to see plans evolving into reality. And in many cases, it may need some extra sweat (and tears) to achieve the goals. During recent years we’ve helped our clients to raise funding and even invested in some of the passion projects such as Saunaravintola Kiulu.

If you’re interested in creating a sauna-related project of your own, don’t hesitate to ask for our help. We’re always excited about new projects and spreading the word of sauna culture.

Article is provided by Studio Puisto.

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