Sauna is a globally trending phenomenon. It offers a quiet and close-to-the-nature experience for those seeking for relaxation and presence in the hectic world. Sauna is suitable both for everyday life and occasional pampering, and can be tailored for many needs and tastes.

Although there are many saunas in the world, not all of them offer the bathers a truly enjoyable experience. Because that’s what going to an authentic sauna really is—easy and effortless relaxation in soft, pampering, moist heat.

Many say that sauna comes from Finland, and it is in many ways true—although the roots of the sauna lie a bit further East, sauna is a Finnish word, and sauna has long roots in the Finnish history and culture. Therefore, Finland is the sauna country, and Finns have the knowhow and the tools for creating the best sauna experiences in the world. 

World Sauna Forum was created in order to help the authentic Finnish sauna experience spread to the world. It brings together people who share their interest towards the authentic, high-quality sauna experience to generate new ideas, business co-operations, and most importantly, to give the Finnish sauna the recognition it deserves. 

By this day, the World Sauna Forum has been organized three times as a live event, and once as a virtual event. It has consisted of talks, panel discussions, business Matchmaking, and workshops about the Finnish sauna experience. And of course, lots of sauna bathing in different kinds of authentic Finnish saunas!

Participating the World Sauna Forum feels like spending time with your friends while  talking about sauna ideas and business. The event is casual, relaxed and spiced up with high-quality sauna bathing. The participants receive new ideas and meet business partners to help to develop your business, and at the same time have fun and enjoy the benefits of the Finnish sauna.

World Sauna Forum is normally a B2B (business to business) event, but in 2020, it was organized as a free and accessible virtual evenet for everyone! 

Take a look at the timeline of the World Sauna Forum here.