5 Reasons why sauna might play a role in the Finns being reported the happiest nation in the world for the 5th time in a row

Finland has been named the world’s happiest country for the fifth time in an annual UN-sponsored report in March 2022. Sometimes it still feels a bit controversial that we, the humble Finns who in fact envy many nations for different reasons, consider our lives quite satisfactory as they are.

Populations do not experience happiness; individuals do. Thus, I thought to write this article from my own perspective as a sauna-loving Finn, about how sauna supports my personal happiness. I can easily find five reasons for that. How many can you?

  1. The first point is a rather well-known fact; the sauna makes you sleep better. To me this really works. Especially, if you combine some outdoor activities for one hour before the evening sauna, a good night’s sleep is close to 100 % guaranteed. We even have this word in Finnish lenkkisauna, meaning a sauna after a walk, run or ski. 
  2. Sauna is my PT, for me meaning Personal Therapist. I go to sauna around five times a week, and I would always want to use at least some of the time alone and quiet to clear my head from all the daily tasks and to do lists. 
  3. On the other hand, saunas create happy families. It is a place where parents and children have nothing else to do than relax and talk, or just sit in silence enjoying doing nothing. I have had my best conversations with my children in the sauna. Maybe because it is an absolute mobile free environment, or maybe because in the sauna you feel naked both inside and out. 
  4. Sauna is a big part of our memory lane, and happy memories support happy life. One of the earliest memories I have of my life is a trip with my grandmother to a public sauna. I was three years old then, and I can still remember how exciting that was. Overall, if someone would ask me what are the most joyful childhood memories of mine, the answer would be clear; the summer vacations in our summer house swimming in the lake and sitting in the sauna with my sisters and the neighbour kids experiencing a löyly competition. Some sausage and lemonade after that, and the smiles could not get any bigger.
  5. Finally, a sauna can even be a place to create team spirit. I feel privileged to live in Tampere, the world sauna capital with plenty of opportunities to enjoy a public sauna. In our company, we love to go to our close by sauna Kuuma with the whole team. To our team, the sauna is a fun place to get together and see who screams the most when taking a dip in Pyhäjärvi in the winter.

The article was written by Noora Mustajärvi, a Co-founder of Luin Living. Luin Living is a brand that works hard to create indulging sauna experiences for all the family members with super soft sauna and bathing textiles. 

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