Sauna from Finland

World Sauna Forum is organized by Sauna from Finland, the Finnish sauna expertise association and global sauna business network.

Making Finnish sauna the most wanted experience in the global market!

The mission of Sauna from Finland is to help everyone around the world experience an authentic and holistically relaxing Finnish sauna, and to make the authentic Finnish sauna experience one of the most wanted wellness products in the global market.

Sauna from Finland operates globally from Finland, and it is the most quoted official in the Finnish sauna and sauna business related questions both domestically and internationally. The association mainly works in the B2B sector, but also serves individuals looking for information about the Finnish sauna or companies who could create a Finnish sauna experience for them.

The company network consists of over 200 companies. The network has everything one needs in order to create a Finnish sauna experience for different surroundings, from the big elements (such as saunas and heaters) to the tiniest details (such as cosmetics, food, or textiles).

In addition to manufacturers and retailers, some of the network companies operate in the field of tourism and wellness, offering amazing sauna experiences, sauna therapies, sauna beauty treatments and other services in different parts of Finland, and some abroad as well.

Sauna from Finland offers a varied selection of services:

  • Finding a company/products/elements you need to create a sauna experience of your own
  • Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook
  • Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate for sauna services to stand out from their competitors and make sure of quality and world-class experience
  • Tools and training for marketing the Finnish sauna experience

Sauna from Finland also holds and organizes:

  • Inspirational talks, workshops, and webinars about different aspects of the authentic Finnish sauna experience at international events
  • The annual World Sauna Forum

Our team is always happy to help you, please contact us anytime:

Read more about Sauna from Finland at:

World Sauna Forum 2024

June 6-7, 2024 @ Jyväskylä, Finland