June 7, 2022 @ Lapland Hotels Arena

Welcome to relax in an international business environment. Yes, you heard right – the words relax and business in the same sentence! World Sauna Forum is an entertaining event dedicated to networking with the most important companies and innovators in the sauna business — and in the most enjoyable way.

Be ready for refreshing ideas

Gentle heat. Soft steam. Scents of nature. Quietness. Time to just be.​

World Sauna Forum creates great opportunities to make new connections, and of course, experience the authentic Finnish sauna! Are you ready to expand your thinking and experience new things? We certainly are!

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Participating in World Sauna Forum feels like spending time with your friends while talking about sauna ideas and business. The event is casual, relaxed, and spiced up with high-quality sauna bathing. The participants receive new ideas and meet business partners to help to develop their businesses, and at the same time have fun and enjoy the benefits of the Finnish sauna.

World Sauna Forum helps the authentic Finnish sauna experience spread around the world. It brings together people who share their interest towards the authentic, high-quality sauna experience to generate new ideas, business co-operations, and most importantly, to give the Finnish sauna the recognition it deserves.


WSF is aimed at anyone who works in the field of sauna and wellness,from service providers to manufacturers of accessories and equipment. We welcome Sauna and wellbeing professionals from around the world. World Sauna Forum brings together companies, buyers, and professionals to discuss about Finnish sauna and its multiple business opportunities and potential co-operations.

Do you need a reason to attend World Sauna Forum 2022?

1. You get a chance to meet a varied network of sauna and wellbeing professionals, update your contacts, and dig deeper into the business.

2. World Sauna Forum offers an ideal platform for developing your business. You have a chance to meet businesses matching your interests at our venue Lapland Hotels Arena; Sauna and Wellness market.

3. Our speakers share their visions about fascinating topics around production, export, and traveling. Sauna training session gives you concrete tools that are tailored just for your business.

4. On top of everything, you get to enjoy the best authentic Finnish sauna experiences!

World Sauna Forum 2022 is organized in co-operation:

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“World Sauna Forum is where the ‘who’s who’ of the sauna industry internationally meet. If you’re in the sauna industry in any way and serious about high quality Finnish sauna, you should be there! You get to try new products and experiences, network with a wide range of professionals, and of course, enjoy some amazing Finnish saunas.”

– Sauna Ambassador Jake Newport, Managing Director of Finnmark Sauna

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