A Trio of Pop-Up Saunas Await at the World Sauna Forum 2024

Prepare to relax in the ultimate sauna experience as the World Sauna Forum 2024 welcomes guests to enjoy several different saunas at this year´s event! Set against the picturesque backdrop of Sataman Viilu, this year’s event promises to be an unforgettable celebration of sauna culture and design.

A Trio of Saunas

At the heart of the World Sauna Forum 2024 are three outdoor saunas by Lapelland, Drop, and Aito Sauna. Each known for their dedication to quality and authenticity, these brands come together to showcase their outdoor saunas and let you get a taste of the Finnish sauna experience.

Lapelland: Redefining Mobile Sauna Luxury

With their innovative designs and premium craftsmanship, Lapelland‘s saunas offer peace on wheels. At the World Sauna Forum, guests will have the opportunity to experience the comfort and convenience of Lapelland’s sauna wagons firsthand.

Lapelland mobile sauna

Drop: Where Design Meets Wellness

For those seeking a sauna experience that seamlessly blends style and functionality, Drop is the epitome of sophistication. Their sleek, contemporary designs are for both form and function. At the World Sauna Forum, guests can unwind in Drop’s pop-up sauna and discover the perfect harmony of design and wellness.

Drop sauna

Aito Sauna: Tradition Meets Modern Design

Aito Sauna combines the Finnish sauna bathing traditions while embracing modern design. Their authentic saunas evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection to nature. At the World Sauna Forum, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of Aito Sauna and rediscover the timeless Finnish sauna experience.

Aito Sauna

Join Us at the World Sauna Forum 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned sauna enthusiast or new to the world of sauna bathing, the World Sauna Forum 2024 invites you to join us for a celebration of all things sauna. With three pop-up saunas from Lapelland, Drop, and Aito Sauna awaiting your arrival, prepare to relax like never before.

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