Aspectu is a sauna thermo-hygrometer with LED lights

Aspectu is a new sauna heat and humidity meter designed by Cariitti, which differs greatly from the traditional thermometers. This is a meter which temperature and humidity readings are formed merely by LED lights.

Aspectu consists of a wooden panel part and electronics attached to it. The position of the meter on the sauna wall is freely selectable. The light source of the sauna meter reflects the thermal and humidity readings through the wooden display of the meter. The readings seen by the sauna user is therefore equal to the lights forming on the surface of the meter. Aspectu’s light source also forms an hourglass pattern on the display to show the time spent in sauna.

Aspectu is designed to be compatible with Cariitti’s TAIVE sauna collection products. The wooden panel part of the meter is made of Finnish birch plywood. There are three basic options of the wooden part: Birch, Hemlock or Kelo plywood. In addition, the client can tone the birch plywood panel with any colour treatment suitable for sauna use. The product is manufactured at Cariitti’s premises in Espoo, Finland.

Cariitti’s stylish new meter is also practical. The pointers in traditional sauna thermometers may break over time. When the pointers are damaged, the entire meter becomes unusable. Aspectu’s technical parts are located behind its panel part, so they cannot be accidentally damaged.
More detailed information about Aspectu can be found here.

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