SaunaEvening at Savutuvan Apaja | SOLD OUT

Friday 7th of June 2024 from 16.30 at Savutuvan Apaja

Ticket to unforgettable SaunaEvening at Savutuvan Apaja 159 € + 24% VAT

Evening programme includes

  • Boat Cruise transport from Sataman Viilu to Savutuvan Apaja, MS Suomen Suvi
  • Welcoming mocktails, MS Suomen Suvi
  • Dinner buffet, Savutuvan Apaja (Finnish Cousine)
  • Free use of multiple Different Finnish Saunas, Savutuvan Apaja
  • Option to swim in the lake and enjoy hot tubs, Savutuvan Apaja
  • Sauna from Finland awards ceremony, Savutuvan Apaja

159,00  excl. VAT

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