TAIVE collection represents Finnish woodworking skills

Cariitti has decades of experience in the manufacture of luminaires. In 2018, we decided to expand our range with the TAIVE sauna interior collection. We opened the carpentry workshop in our own premises and started working on a sauna interior collection made from shape-pressed birch plywood. The collection includes sauna benches and wall panels, dressing room benches and cabinets. The collection is complemented by headrests and sauna door handles and safety handrails. We sell the products as easy-to-assemble elements, or we design and manufacture custom-made TAIVE sauna interiors to meet our customers´ individual needs.

TAIVE collection is the result of our versatile expertise

The sauna interior is designed based on the customer’s needs and wishes. In sauna design all aspects, such as functionality, technical implementation with ventilation, surface materials and lighting are important, and we always focus on them in our design. Every sauna is individual. The smaller the sauna, the more we pay attention to the use of space. Larger saunas can have four levels of benches, which requires a lot of design and dimensioning work. We also know how wood behaves in the heat of the sauna, and we take this into account already when making the design and the measurements to have sufficient leeway between the elements.

The Finnish origin is important to Cariitti. The timber is collected and processed in Finland, and the products are manufactured in our own carpentry workshop in Espoo. The work includes both mechanical and manual woodworking, as well as various surface treatments. The TAIVE interiors are the result of cooperation between our design team and carpenters. We are very proud of our versatile expertise!

You are welcome to contact us with your sauna plans. Cariitti helps to design the interior and lighting of your sauna.

Article is provided by Cariitti.

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